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Julia Stiglitz

CEO and co-founder, Uplimit

CoRise is now Uplimit! Announcing new AI capabilities for enterprise learning

August 8th, 2023
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Today we are thrilled to make some exciting announcements, including our name change to Uplimit! (Read more about this change in Fast Company.)

We began Uplimit with the mission to deliver true outcomes in education at scale. In a world where only about 7 percent of the global population has a college degree, and as many as three quarters of workers don’t feel equipped to learn the digital skills their employers will need in the future, high-quality adult learning remains a scarce resource.

Quality education has traditionally required a huge amount of services––from creating the content, to delivering the experience, to providing personalized feedback and support when learners are stuck. The reliance on services made it difficult and expensive to scale the type of experiences that inspire learners and drive great outcomes. Simply stripping away these services in the form of asynchronous online classes, while scaleable, has not proven effective at delivering outcomes for most learners and organizations (most async courses have a completion rate between 3–6%).

The AI future for L&D

At Uplimit, we set out to break that paradigm. Generative AI has been a tremendous wind in our sails over the last 9 months, allowing us to reimagine how professional educational services are provided and delivered. From content creation, to ongoing learner support, to more personalized training, we are using AI tools to reshape historic constraints and give the best instructors and organizations new superpowers. Despite the headlines and attention on AI companies and development, we believe AI's impact on scaling quality education is still underestimated.

This isn’t a dystopian vision of instructors being replaced by machines, or learners solely interacting with chatbots. We’ve already seen AI amplify our instructors and course teams by freeing them up to focus on the things only they can provide, such as inspiration, connection, and perspective. These new technologies can maximize the reach of these experts, and can in turn help maximize the potential of hundreds of millions of learners with the desire and will to learn new skills to expand their opportunities.

Over the last year and half, we have taught tens of thousands of learners, driving completion and engagement rates that are 15–20X what you see in asynchronous courses. We have also worked with companies from the Fortune 500 to high growth pre-IPO startups to upskill their teams in AI, data skills, and more using our rich marketplace of expert-led courses. Our upcoming course in collaboration with OpenAI, launching this month, will be the platform's largest cohort to date with over 7500 applicants.

But we are just getting started.

AI-powered learning platforms: the future of enterprise learning

We’re truly thrilled to embark on this next step of partnering with a select group of beta customers to run their own courses on the Uplimit platform in addition to using Uplimit’s marketplace of courses. The need for professional education that is affordable, accessible, and effective is more crucial than ever. We’re committed to working with enterprises to address this demand.

For both internal and external training, companies have traditionally relied on a multitude of services, from content creation to personalized support. We’re proud to introduce a unified solution aimed at transforming the way organizations approach learning, using AI to supercharge authoring, learner support, and course management, so that companies no longer have to choose between impact and scale. Companies will also continue to have access to our marketplace of courses from leading technology experts like Grant Ingersoll (former CTO of Wikipedia) or Andrew Maas (former Deep Learning Researcher at Apple).

As Karie Willyerd, former CLO of Visa said, "The job of the learning and development professional is going to dramatically change as a result of AI, from how we do content creation to how we support and engage learners. Uplimit is on the forefront of supporting companies and learning professionals ushering in this future."

If you are a company or organization interested in exploring becoming a beta customer, please reach out to schedule a demo.

A new name for a broader vision

To capture our broader vision, we are excited to share our new name, Uplimit. This new name symbolizes our unwavering dedication to empowering individuals and organizations to surpass their perceived limits and unlock their full potential.

Thank you for being part of this! We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together.


Want to learn more about bringing the Uplimit platform or courses to your organization? Fill out the form here and we'll be in touch shortly to set up time to chat. We look forward to speaking with you!

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