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Sourabh Bajaj

Co-founder and CTO, Uplimit

Master the fundamentals of Site Reliability Engineering with a course from Uplimit and Google

February 8th, 2024
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We’re excited to announce that Uplimit has collaborated with Google to launch a new free-of-charge course, Intro to Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), on the Uplimit platform! This course is part one of a two-part series designed to prepare engineers of all backgrounds for SRE-focused industry roles. You can snag your spot in the first cohort by applying through the course page.

Uplimit and Google share a deep commitment to expanding access to technology education, and we can’t imagine a more impactful program to teach the next generation of site reliability engineers. The Google SRE team brings unparalleled expertise in this space, developed over decades of keeping popular digital services up and running globally. Uplimit’s AI-powered learning platform offers the hands-on practice and continuous feedback learners need to master SRE skills, and will allow Google’s expert instructors to share their knowledge. We know this course will help countless learners level up and break into this high-demand field.

“To put it simply, if you want to learn site reliability engineering, you want to learn it from Google,” says Uplimit Co-Founder and CEO Julia Stiglitz. “This is the team keeping Google Cloud, Search, Gmail, Android, and YouTube online every day. They have invaluable insight and practical experience to share with learners getting started in SRE, and we’re thrilled to deliver this content with them.”

Google site reliability engineer Salim Virji, lead instructor for the course, says his team chose to teach on Uplimit because they wanted to provide a high-impact experience for as many learners as possible. “Site reliability engineers are in huge demand,” explains Salim. “We need to upskill more people in this field, but the learning outcomes have to be exceptional, because SREs build systems that people and businesses around the world depend on. We need courses that keep learners engaged, challenge them to tackle real-world problems, and provide them with personalized coaching and feedback. Uplimit is the platform that allows us to do all of those things without limiting our reach.”

The two-week course will be free of charge and cover topics including how to develop an SRE perspective for systems and software, and how to identify — and report on — the metrics critical to understanding system performance. Learners will have a chance to write and evaluate a Service Level Objective.

To learn more about the course and apply to enroll, head to the course page on Uplimit. We can’t wait to see you in Intro to SRE on March 11th!

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