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Uplimit brings AI-powered learning to customer education: Announcing our partnership with Databricks

February 1st, 2024
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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with the Databricks team to help power their customer education programs!

Databricks was facing a challenge that’s familiar to almost every SaaS company today. Their team recognized the critical role that customer education plays in driving product engagement and retention, but asynchronous training resources often weren’t enough to get customers fully up and running, and high-touch instructor-led learning didn’t scale. With Uplimit’s AI platform, they’re able to deliver a supportive, personalized experience to hundreds of thousands of learners across the world. The results speak for themselves: more than 75% of learners in our cohorts completed Databricks’ courses.

It’s been a privilege to build this partnership alongside Databricks VP of Learning and Enablement, Rochana Golani. Rochana previously scaled education for Google Cloud, ran AWS’s training and certification program, and led certification and field enablement for VMware. On Tuesday, February 27, we’ll be hosting a free webinar with Rochana where we’ll talk about the importance of customer education, how she’s approached using Uplimit to scale effective customer training, and her inspiring vision for the future of the field. You can register here to join us—and in the meantime, you can learn more below about our journey to bring Uplimit to customer education and what’s next for us in this space.

The challenge: Effective customer education at scale

We founded Uplimit to break the tradeoff between scale and effectiveness in online learning. We believe learners and companies shouldn’t have to choose between prohibitively expensive high-touch programs and impersonal courses with limited support. As we’ve expanded our enterprise offerings, we’ve seen that the scale-effectiveness tradeoff is also starkly present in customer education.

Teaching customers to get the most out of their products is one of the biggest challenges technology companies face. Effective customer education can mean the difference between a customer getting frustrated and churning, or becoming a loyal, happy evangelist and a promising target to expand. For customers themselves, good education resources are often critical to getting value from the products for which they’ve paid. Offering personalized training for every customer is impossible at scale, and passive, generalized resources will rarely meet any customer’s needs.

Why Databricks chose Uplimit

Like us, the Learning and Enablement team at Databricks believed there had to be a better way. When we connected with Rochana and her colleagues, we instantly saw the synergy between what they wanted for customers and what our platform could provide. Rochana spoke passionately about Databricks’ commitment to democratizing learning and ensuring that everyone can become experts in their product. She felt that Databricks’ rapidly-growing customer base—currently more than 9,000 companies across industries ranging from publishing to oil and gas—could be an asset, rather than a liability, in their efforts to deliver a motivating and effective learning experience.

“We were looking for a blended learning platform that would maximize learner engagement and completion without sacrificing the ability to scale to hundreds of thousands of learners,” Rochana told us. “Uplimit ticked all the boxes. Learners get the benefit of real-time human instruction alongside personalized AI support. They also get advice, insight, and encouragement from peers across industries and functions. I genuinely believe this is going to be a game-changer for so many of our customers.”

What’s next: Expanding Uplimit for customer education

Our partnership with Databricks has shown us just how much impact our platform and approach can make in the customer education space. We can’t wait to scale that impact to more customers and companies. If you’re interested in leveraging Uplimit as part of your customer education solution, join our upcoming webinar or learn more and get in touch with us here.

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