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AI Image Creation for Everyone

Explore the world of AI-driven visual content creation in this comprehensive course designed for business professionals, marketers, and content creators. Learn to leverage AI tools such as Midjourney, Leonardo, and Dalle-3 for enhancing presentations, marketing campaigns, and brand storytelling. Covering fundamentals to advanced techniques, the course caters to all skill levels, incorporating insights from experts in technology, art, and business.

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Wes Shields
Principal & Founder of Synthminds.AI
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Goda Go
Chief Commercial Officer at Synthminds AI
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Joshua Francis
Chief Design Officer, Synthminds.AI
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Course taught by expert instructors

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Wes Shields

Principal & Founder of Synthminds.AI

Wes Shields is Principal and Founder of SynthMinds, an AI consultancy and prompt engineering firm that specializes in helping businesses implement artificial intelligence solutions to optimize their operations and enhance customer experiences.

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Goda Go

Chief Commercial Officer at Synthminds AI

Goda Go is an architect and Content Creator curious about the intersection between creativity and technology. Through multiple media channels, Goda teaches audiences around the world to test AI tools, experiment with prompting techniques, and share tips on how to effectively communicate with AI. You can learn more about Goda at

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Joshua Francis

Chief Design Officer, Synthminds.AI

Joshua Francis is at the forefront of integrating user-centric design with artificial intelligence at Synthminds. As Chief Design Officer, he crafts seamless interfaces that bridge the gap between sophisticated AI technologies and everyday users. His approach goes beyond conventional design; it's about pioneering new ways to make advanced technology accessible and advantageous to all.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Business Professionals and Marketers: Elevate presentations, marketing, and brand storytelling with AI-generated visuals

  • Content Creators and Designers: Integrate AI into the design process for innovative and striking visuals, enhancing branding materials and creative outputs

  • Entrepreneurs in the Digital Space: Leverage AI art for unique digital products and services, exploring opportunities to sell AI-generated art online

  • Given the inclusive nature of the course, there are no strict prerequisites. However, an OpenAI account with ChatGPT or ChatGPT Plus, as well as a Dall-E or Midjourney account are encouraged to complete some of the assignments.

  • While not mandatory, having an intrinsic interest in art, design, or any form of creative expression would enhance the learning experience.

Not ready?

Try these prep courses first

  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of Generative AI for marketing and advertising.
  • Master Image Prompt Engineering for brand-centric content: Role Prompting, Zero Shot, Instructions, Negative Prompting, Combining Techniques, Meta Prompting.
  • Provide a brief overview of Midjourney, Leonardo, Dalle-3 for business use.
  • Discuss ethical considerations and bias in AI-generated content for businesses.
  • Develop a diverse portfolio of AI-generated images tailored for different business needs.
  • Utilize AI tools to create brand-specific art styles.
  • Practice advanced features (inpainting, zoom, iteration) for business-relevant AI art.
  • Enhance AI-generated images for professional business use: post-processing, LUTs application, and image upscaling.
  • Photography 101: Achieving photorealism in GenAI.
  • Explore design basics: merging aesthetics and functionality with AI.
  • Dive into DALL-E 3 and Ideogram: Generating Text & Logos with AI.
  • Discuss challenges and common mistakes in AI-driven design image generation.
  • Explore reverse prompting (Image to prompt to Image), design prototyping, and composition sampling.
  • Combine classical design principles with AI for innovative outcomes.
  • Complete the “1-hour brand kit/product design” exercise to build a brand kit or product portfolio.
  • Create compelling and provocative logos, colors, icons, templates, fonts, mockups, and prototypes.
  • Use multimodal AI tools and Computer Vision to create and identify fonts, and create vector files for your logo and icons.
  • Craft several photorealistic marketing images ready for print.
  • Prepare a series of marketing materials ready for product launch and promotion.
  • Techniques and tips for evaluating AI Art/Image generation tools, products, and services.
  • Train your own no-code image model for creating art with a specific subject.
  • Explore simple retouching with AI.
  • Discuss techniques for using AI-generated art to create compelling visual narratives in professional settings.
  • Explore advanced AI features for dynamic content creation: text to video, GIFs, NeRF’s, and 3D model visualization.
  • Provide guidelines for transforming AI creations into high-quality print and digital formats suitable for professional presentations and commercial applications.
  • Discuss ethical considerations and brand alignment in the use of AI-generated imagery in presentations.
  • Develop a series of AI-enhanced presentation slides that effectively communicate business concepts, data, and narratives.
  • Create a dynamic, AI-generated visual storyline for a product pitch or marketing campaign.
  • Utilize AI tools to generate high-quality graphics and visual elements for a corporate presentation or a client proposal.
  • Construct a mock-up of an interactive, AI-powered presentation, incorporating multimedia elements like GIFs, short video clips, and 3D models.

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