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AI Strategy for Leaders

With rapid advancements in generative AI, organizations around the world have an incredible opportunity to unlock more value. We are still in the early innings of this shift and this course will help you understand important trends in AI along with how to start AI transformation projects within your organization.

In this course we will dive into the latest advancements in AI, focusing on aligning these pioneering tools with the business outcomes your organization aims to achieve. We will discuss the sectors most susceptible to AI innovation, strategies for assessing impact, and considerations for implementation, including the decisions to build or buy, and how to structure teams around a particular initiative. This course promises a highly interactive experience, allowing participants to consistently apply frameworks to address the challenges and opportunities in their current roles.

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Sunita Mohanty
Product Lead, AI for Augmented Reality at Meta
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Course taught by expert instructors

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Sunita Mohanty

Product Lead, AI for Augmented Reality at Meta

Sunita Mohanty is a product leader with deep experience in AI, most recently serving as product lead for Meta’s AI Experiences for Smart Glasses. She previously was a founder within Meta’s incubator and has led product teams for Oculus, Facebook Growth and Lumosity (a growth stage company). Sunita holds an MBA / MaED from Stanford University and previously built an education tech machine learning startup.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Tech leaders looking to uplevel their skills, stay current on the latest AI breakthroughs and influence key decision-makers to invest in AI.

  • Any cross-functional professional who wants to understand how to think strategically about identifying and building AI projects.

  • This course has no technical prerequisites. Anyone interested in learning about AI and its applications is encouraged to enroll.

Not ready?

Try these prep courses first

  • What is AI: fundamental definitions
  • Overview of AI applications in various industries and impact
  • Benefits and risks of AI
  • Techniques for identifying AI opportunities in business
  • Measuring the impact of AI on business outcomes
  • Understanding different generative AI models and design patterns
  • Build vs. buy decisions
  • Apply course concepts to your current organization or a problem are you are interested in. What are the opportunities and challenges of leveraging AI tools to enhance business outcomes, impact, and growth?
  • Model lifecycle and workflow of building an ML model
  • AI project management and best practices
  • Data management and governance in AI projects
  • Goal setting for AI projects
  • Team structure and roles for AI projects
  • Things to look out for / common challenges
  • Ethical considerations in AI
  • Transforming your organization into an AI first business
  • Evaluate AI opportunities for your organization through the lens of team structure, organizational transformation, and the ethical considerations needed to make any AI initiative a success.

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