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Applied Statistics for Data Science

This course provides a rigorous, hands-on overview of statistical modeling for data science. You'll cover probability fundamentals and hypothesis testing, as well as advanced topics in regression. Along the way you’ll apply your skills to projects in a real-life scenario for an e-commerce company. At the end of the course, you'll be well equipped to dive deeper into an advanced career in data science.

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Emily Ekdahl
Machine Learning Engineer at Vouch
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Musab Khawaja
Senior Data Scientist
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Emily Ekdahl

Machine Learning Engineer at Vouch

Emily Ekdahl is a machine learning engineer at Vouch, an InsureTech company, with previous experience working as a full stack engineer, data engineer, and machine learning engineer. In these roles she has developed a wide range data solutions across the stack including data pipelines, data models, machine learning solutions, and data visualizations to drive actionable insights for businesses. She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology and learned to love applied statistics as a research assistant.

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Musab Khawaja

Senior Data Scientist

Musab Khawaja is a versatile data scientist and machine learning engineer with a diverse background in multiple industries. As a Senior Data Scientist at Depop, he models the impact of performance marketing for the MarTech team. Additionally, Musab has held positions as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at ARRIVAL, where he automated engineering workflows, and as a Deep Learning Engineer at MathWorks, where he developed a worldwide marketing strategy to engage with academia on deep learning in MATLAB and collaborated with researchers and students to adopt deep learning-based techniques. Musab holds a BS, MS, and PhD in Physics from Imperial College London.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Data Analysts/Business Analysts looking to further their career into Data Science

  • Other software engineers seeking to transition into data science and statistics related roles

  • Foundation in basic statistics (mean, median, mode, and basic summary statistics)

  • Knowledge of Python programming: Variables, Functions, Lists, Loops + Numpy & Pandas (as covered in Uplimit's Python for Data Science - )

Not ready?

Try these prep courses first

  • Descriptive Statistics - Central Tendency, Variability, and Skew
  • How to communicate your findings to stakeholders
  • Build a dashboard for CostPro, a commerce company, that reports quarterly sales metrics by using the techniques we've learned for descriptive statistics.
  • Probability Distributions - Binomial, Normal, Poisson
  • Working with probability distributions in Python
  • Use probability distributions to answer questions that CostPro can use to drive business decisions.
  • Null and Alternative Hypothesis
  • Selecting Metrics
  • Confidence Intervals
  • t-test
  • Analysis of CostPro A/B test results for experimentation with a number of features.
  • chi-squared
  • Fisher’s exact tests
  • Mann–Whitney U-test
  • Analysis of effectiveness of campaign for Returned/Churned behavior amongst customers who i) email coupon ii) physical mail coupon iii) no coupon.

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