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ChatGPT and Beyond: Advanced Prompt Engineering

Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT in this advanced course! Over three intensive weeks, you'll delve into cutting-edge techniques for harnessing GPT-4's capabilities. Week 1 covers advanced prompt engineering, including the SCRIBE framework and techniques for making ChatGPT reason with references, hashtags, and hyperlinks. Explore prompt security and hacking techniques, both offensive and defensive. In Week 2, you'll master GPT-4 plugins and advanced data analysis, integrating ChatGPT with Bing for powerful data workflows. Week 3 dives into GPT-4's visionary side, teaching you how to generate visuals, combine text and images, and work with various data formats.

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Joseph Rosenbaum
Chief Learning Officer at Synthminds.AI
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Wes Shields
Principal & Founder of Synthminds.AI
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3 weeks
Space is limited

Course taught by expert instructors

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Joseph Rosenbaum

Chief Learning Officer at Synthminds.AI

Joseph Rosenbaum is dedicated to the ethical application and equitable dissemination of AI technologies. With deep expertise in AI and Prompt Engineering, Joseph brings a rare blend of technical acumen and ethical responsibility to the educational space. Committed to fostering a responsible and deliberate approach to AI, Joseph offers attendees accessible and practical insights into the challenges and opportunities that AI presents.

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Wes Shields

Principal & Founder of Synthminds.AI

Wes Shields is Principal and Founder of SynthMinds, an AI consultancy and prompt engineering firm that specializes in helping businesses implement artificial intelligence solutions to optimize their operations and enhance customer experiences.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Any student or professional who is familiar with basic ChatGPT functions and looking to level up their knowledge

  • Learners who have completed AI and ChatGPT for Everyone and are looking to deepen their skills

  • Basic familiarity with ChatGPT and Generative AI, acquired through personal learning or through Uplimit's AI and ChatGPT for Everyone course

  • Given the inclusive nature of the course, all learners are welcome! However, an OpenAI account with ChatGPT Plus account is highly recommended to fully complete the course assignments.

Not ready?

Try these prep courses first

  • SCRIBE framework for prompting
  • Recursive re-prompting, variables and delimiters
  • Getting LLM’s to reason (Skeleton of Thought, Chain of Thought, Few Shot Learning)
  • Meta prompting and Multi-role prompting (make ChatGPT prompt itself)
  • Apply prompting techniques for compelling, provocative, and natural sounding copy and content with references, hastags, and hyperlinks
  • Prompt security and hacking techniques
  • Offensive techniques (injection, jailbreaking, leaking)
  • Defensive techniques (filtering, instruction defense, post-prompting, sandwich method)
  • Introduction to the prompt hacking competition
  • Create your own personal “One prompt to rule them all”, a meta-multi-agent masterkey prompt
  • Fundamentals of GPT-4's architecture
  • Introductory techniques for harnessing GPT-4's ability to analyze vast datasets
  • Preparing and cleaning your data with ChatGPT
  • Integrate GPT-4's capabilities with the power of Bing search
  • Create an experimental ChatGPT Workflow leveraging Beta Features
  • Explore GPT-4's ability to generate and understand visuals using techniques like multi-condition processing
  • Seamlessly combine text and image interactions for comprehensive solutions to everyday problems
  • Text-to-Image generation and Interaction with ChatGPT and other tools
  • Generate Mermaid, markdown, scorecards/tables, API integrations, checklists, Vector outputs, JSON objects, and basic code from within ChatGPT
  • Leverage the interplay between text and image prompts and how they can complement each other by creating a multi-model output such as:
  • Generate a website dashboard utilizing screenshots or sketches
  • Work through multi-step Instructions like assembling furniture
  • Creating predictive analysis of market graphs or trading charts
  • Offer design suggestions for a room or create a dinner menu from images of ingredients

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