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How to Stand Out and Advance Your Career

For emerging leaders and high-achievers, working hard and doing great work that drives results is critical to being an effective and high-performing employee.

But in order to stand out, achieve your desired goals, and accelerate your career growth you must intentionally and proactively advocate for yourself, build strong relationships and take ownership of your career. While others can help, you are ultimately responsible for managing your career to achieve your desired growth goals.

This course provides a strategic framework and tactical habits for intentional career development that helps students advance their career. It is designed to teach students the mindset, and habits that successful employees use to strategically manage their career, identify and pursue desirable goals, and build relationships that allow them to achieve their desired career goals.

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Al Dea
Founder at Betterwork Labs
Real-world projects that teach you industry skills
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Al Dea

Founder at Betterwork Labs

Al Dea is a Leadership Development Facilitator & Coach. He specializes in helping employees build the leadership skills needed to thrive in today’s hybrid workplace, and has coached, advised, and mentored thousands of leaders on how to build their personal brand and set, achieve and advocate for their own career goals. He currently teaches and trains leaders at leading business schools in the United States, and high-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries. Al is the founder of Betterwork Labs, a leadership development consulting firm.

Al previously worked at Salesforce as a Product Marketer, helping launch products that touched thousands of customers. Al previously worked as a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP, where he advised Fortune 500 companies on developing and executing digital transformation, employee engagement and leadership development.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Motivated and curious learners who are looking for the habits and practices to help them advance in their current role or career path

  • Domain experts who want to improve their influence and effectively communicate the impact of their work to gain exposure and opportunities

  • Early career employees who want to build stronger relationships with leaders, mentors, and sponsors in order to be visible, gain exposure and demonstrate leadership

  • A demonstrated interest/curiosity to grow your career

Not ready?

Try these prep courses first

  • Why you need to proactively manage your career, and what that looks like in practice
  • Practice self-reflection & self-awareness to uncover your strengths, interests, and values
  • Identify your key accomplishments and projects that you can share with others to advance your personal brand
  • Defining your aspirations for your career right now
  • Understanding the role that other people play in your development and growth
  • Identifying the people and relationships that are critical to advancing your career
  • Project: Career Self-Reflection
  • Post Class Feedback: Review Career Reflection with your manager + one close co-worker
  • [Alternative feedback mechanisms will be arranged for those unable to schedule time with a manager or co-worker]
  • Identify how you want to build relationships to advance toward your career goals
  • Learning the importance of career habits and how to implement your own
  • Learning career experiments and how to conduct your own
  • Identifying your aspirations for how you want to advance your career right now
  • Identifying the specific career habits you want to implement to strategically grow your career
  • Project: Identify Career Habits and Experiments you want to implement to pursue career goals
  • Post Class Feedback: Ask a mentor for feedback on your career habits or relationship building plan and for perspectives on how to grow your career or build professional relationships
  • [Alternative feedback mechanisms will be arranged for those unable to schedule time with a mentor]

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