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Managing High-Trust Remote Teams

This course covers trust, its role in high-performing teams, and how to build this in a remote-first world. The course is designed to help you reflect and refine the way you show up as a leader, the type of culture you build, and ultimately, help you help your team reach a new level of performance. You’ll walk away with an appreciation for the importance of this work with several practical techniques and practices to fold into your tool chest to help your team achieve its full potential.

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Jesse McGinnis
Sr. Development Manager at Shopify
Real-world projects that teach you industry skills
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Jesse McGinnis

Sr. Development Manager at Shopify

Jesse is a Sr. Engineering leader at Shopify, where he supports several teams. Before that he worked with multiple teams as a consultant to help them ship more, better and faster. Authored Embracing Uncertainty, offering practical tips and techniques for building and maintaining high-performing teams. Recently spoke at QCon SF and Gartner's Apps Summit on remote team leadership. More details, and ongoing thinking, can be found on his website and blog.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Experienced leaders figuring out how to navigate our new digital-first world and help their teams regain some of the lost cultural identity.

  • New leaders who are looking to rapidly expand their tool chest with techniques necessary in remote, that's just as valuable in-person.

  • Dedication and enthusiasm for developing your skills

  • Openness to giving and receiving feedback

  • Readiness to actively participate and engage

  • Commitment to confidentiality

  • This course is practice based - having a team will help with that!

Not ready?

Try these prep courses first

Learn the Significance of Trust
  • Grasping the weight of trust in remote-first teams
  • Recognizing the crucial role of social trust
Learn about Authentic Leadership
  • Identifying the hallmarks of a genuine leader
  • Appreciating the central role in fostering trust
  • Acknowledging its amplified importance in remote teams
Learn to Build Deep Trust
  • Uncovering the influence of authenticity in establishing trust among remote teams
  • Delving into profound trust-building strategies
  • Exploring the concepts of vulnerability, empathy, and active listening
Practice the Trust-First Approach
  • Emphasizing the importance of fun and strategies to incorporate it
  • Encouraging genuine conversations
  • Unveiling the complete human persona in a safe environment
Learn the Art of Facilitation
  • Mastering essential facilitation skills for leaders
  • Fostering environments for open dialogue
Learn about Space Creation and the Influence of Default Practices
  • Unraveling the concept of 'space creation' within a team and its significance in trust-building
  • Identifying strategies to drive and enhance team performance
  • Delving into the impact of default practices on work, planning, and culture
Learn to Foster Healthy Conflict
  • Understanding the elements that contribute to constructive conflict
  • Recognizing the role of conflict in sparking innovation
  • Examining how conflict can bolster decision-making
  • Investigating the effect of conflict on fortifying team connections and trust
Learn Innovative Default Practices
  • Exploring 'Problem Pairing' and its ability to amalgamate several practices for impactful results

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