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Building AI Products with OpenAI

The recent emergence of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT and their ability to operate as open-ended generative systems capable of multiple tasks like question-answering, programming, image generation etc. has led some to the conclusion that “The hottest new programming language is English”. One can interact with these models through simple English phrases (also called prompts) that can be designed to achieve several use-cases such as copywriting, code generation, search and so much more! Designing the right prompts involves multiple iterations to achieve the desired output. In this course, we will build Generative AI products such as an auto-generated podcast. In the process, we will learn simple techniques and use tools to understand prompt design. The course also covers a basic understanding of how these models are trained and how they generate responses.

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Sidharth Ramachandran
Senior Director, Knowledge Engineering
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Sidharth Ramachandran

Senior Director, Knowledge Engineering

Sidharth is a Senior Director at one of the largest media companies in Europe where he is responsible for building data products for their streaming platform. He is also the co-author of “Blueprints for Text Analytics”, a technical book on NLP techniques published by O’Reilly. He has degrees in Engineering & Management and previously also built his own text automation startup that was featured on Techcrunch.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Technology professionals who will learn the details of generative AI models and build products that use some of these models to solve interesting use-cases

  • Content Creators who will learn how to leverage generative AI technologies to augment and enrich their workflow OR experiment with new formats or mediums

  • Executives at Media and Advertising companies who can learn how generative AI technologies can impact content production, formats, and engagement

  • Basic level of familiarity with Python programming (variables, functions, loops, lists) and ability to work in a notebook environment (e.g. Jupyter, Google Colab)

  • Ability to read and understand how to work with documented libraries (e.g. HuggingFace Transformers, publicly available APIs)

  • A curious mind and creative mindset.

Not ready?

Try these prep courses first

  • Introduction to neural networks & the transformer architecture
  • Strategies used for training LLMs & how it impacts prompts
  • How does an LLM generate text & what can we learn from it
  • Approach to designing prompts
  • Automatically generate your own Podcast!
  • Choose a book, topic, or paper of your choice & create a text corpus
  • Select & summarize key themes & generate the podcast conversation
  • Generate dialog voices and create your own personalized podcast!
  • Introduction to neural networks for computer vision
  • Understanding the training process of diffusion models & observing the impact of prompt design
  • Introduction to additional options like image-to-image, inpainting, ControlNet etc.
  • Design beautiful cover art for your generated podcast
  • Generate custom album art for your own generated podcast or another podcast episode
  • Identify ways to understand and summarize what happens in the episode to design the right image-generation prompt
  • Understand ways to design the prompt using image interrogation, special keywords etc.
  • Understanding the emerging area of audio generation through multiple techniques
  • Introducing frameworks and libraries that can assist in prompt design
  • Wrapping up & next steps
  • Generate intro, mid-roll & outro audio effects for your podcast
  • Design prompts to generate the right audio effects to make your podcast sound even more professional
  • Build auto-generated ad segments with voice-over to attract advertisers

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Sidharth is a wonderful educator. His instruction style is clear and concise. He is fluent in online delivery tools such as Miro etc and it was a joy to hear his experience working on building AI apps using LLMs and the ecosystem of products in that space. Highlight recommend to ramp up from 0to1 on the prompt design space.

Angad GadreStealth, Reddit

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