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Building Advanced RAG Applications

This project-based (theory-light) course will explore the world of building vector-search applications integrated with the powerful capabilities of Generative Large Language Models (LLMs). Along the way we’ll dive into best practices for text preprocessing, vectorization, indexing, and reranking using an Weaviate database. We’ll compare the uses of keyword-based and semantic-based search, and use industry-standard evaluation metrics to benchmark our results. Ultimately we’ll bring the project together by plugging into ChatGPT-Turbo-3.5 for Question Answering, and wrap it up in a Streamlit user interface. Optional portions of the course include fine-tuning a vector embedding model to further enhance our retrieval results.

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Chris Sanchez
Senior Data Science Manager at Microsoft
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Chris Sanchez

Senior Data Science Manager at Microsoft

Chris Sanchez is a Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft working in the Office of the CTO under the Strategic Mission & Technologies division. Prior to his current role he focused on building Information Retrieval (IR) systems for customers in the national security domain. During that time he pioneered semantic-based search methods that focused on relevance at the whole-document level. His domain knowledge in the national security arena stems from his prior military career with Naval Special Warfare. He holds a Masters degree in Data Science from UC Berkeley.

The course

Learn and apply skills with real-world projects.

Who is it for?
  • Software engineers - integrate vector search as part of an overall application’s tech stack

  • Data scientists - gain a better understanding of the tradeoffs between keyword and vector-based search and create benchmark datasets that allow for direct comparisons between the two methods

  • Students/recent college grads - gain hands-on experience with building your first vector search application tied to the Question Answering capability of a LLM (OpenAI ChatGPT Turbo-3.5)

  • Uplimit Search Fundamentals course or professional/academic experience working with search engines such as OpenSearch/Elasticsearch/Solr/Vespa. We will not be teaching search fundamentals in this course.

  • Minimum 1-year of coding in Python to include the following skillsets: OOP including Inheritance, Dictionary and List Comprehensions, Lambda Functions, Virtual Environments

  • Ability to comfortably navigate and launch applications from the command line

  • Familiarity with Docker

  • Nice to have but not strictly required: Experience fine-tuning an ML model, Familiarity with the Streamlit API, Familiarity with the Open AI API

Not ready?

Try these prep courses first

  • Embedding Theory: What is a document?
  • Preprocessing and chunking strategies
  • Vector Indexing on an OpenSearch database
  • Comparing embedding approaches
  • Comparison of Keyword and Vector retrieval
  • Create a search system in a development environment using a popular podcast series as the data.
  • Compare and evaluate the initial system by benchmarking Keyword and Vector retrieval approaches.
  • Hybrid Search with a Reranker
  • Evaluation with golden dataset
  • Experimenting with different values
  • Answer synthesis with LLM
  • Best performance contest
  • Build on the previous week’s system and evaluate retrieval performance after adding a Reranker model and
  • Integrate system with OpenAI’s ChatGPT LLM to answer questions about data.
  • Adding context to retrieved results
  • System evaluation
  • Displaying your results through a Streamlit UI
  • Optional - Embedder fine-tuning and reranker fine-tuning
  • Build on the previous week’s system and evaluate overall system performance.
  • Display the final product through a Steamlit UI.

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