Julian LaNeve
Julian LaNeve
Product @ Astronomer

Julian is on the product team at Astronomer, one of the driving forces behind Apache Airflow. He currently leads all developer experience-related initiatives, both commercial and open source. He's also authored and contributed to a number of open source projects, including Airflow itself, Cosmos (an Airflow dbt integration), Airflow providers for Databricks and DuckDB, and Ruff.

Airflow Orchestration and Deployment
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Data Engineer at MongoDB
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Julian LaNeve - Instructor photo
Product @ Astronomer
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As a product management professional with 20+ years of experience, I was nervous and excited to enroll in a Masters level course. Henry, a consummate teacher, played a tremendous role in helping me navigate a tough curriculum and be successful in my endeavor to learn. On many occasions, Henry helped clarify foundational elements needed for the course, reviewed specific lecture material, taught concepts from supplementary reading material suggested in the course and even helped me learn other reference material that would reinforce the learning.

Mohan RangarajanDirector of Advanced Analytics

Henry uses Airflow to implement data pipeline that handle large volumes of data ingestion, he shared his wealth of practical Airflow knowledge with colleagues to help them build modern data pipeline that are future proof. Henry is very knowledgeable on leveraging different Airflow operators that help improve productivity and performance.

David LaiSenior Software Engineering Manager at Kevala

The Uplimit Platform is on that would challenge you to learn and become a better version of yourself. With the maximum commitment by tutors, TA's and the community. Data Professionals and Engineers taking courses on Uplimit are already set up for success. Highly recommended.

Victor IwuohaData Engineer, Quality Foods Africa

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