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Suite of AI-powered learning products

Transform the way you create and deliver learning

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AI-powered course creation

Design and launch courses in minutes, not weeks.
Create full drafts of courses in minutes with AI.
Leverage existing internal and external resources including presentations, documents, videos, and more.
Streamline content updates so your content never goes out-of-date.
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Automated cohort management

Deliver exceptional high-touch learning experiences to thousands of learners.
Automate tasks (i.e. invite emails, reminders) and pre-schedule communications.
Drive personalization and support with Student CRM.
Real-time tracking and analytics, including AI-driven course insights.
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AI simulations

Allow learners to practice at scale using AI. Real world scenarios and real-time feedback.
Help learners practice real world scenarios from sales, management, technical presentations, and more.
Deliver real-time learner coaching and in-depth feedback with AI.
Align roleplays to your organization’s unique learning needs with customizable simulation authoring tools.
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Expert-led AI Academy

Curated courses from world's leading experts in AI.
Drive AI fluency with cutting edge courses for both technical and non-technical teams.
Elevate your organization with additional courses in Engineering, Data, and more created and led by leading industry experts.
Accelerate learning with projects and practice that mirror the real work done at industry-leading tech companies.
One platform. Many solutions.

Enterprise solutions

Single platform for all your training and upskilling requirements.
Customer Education
Set your customers up for long-term success
Leadership Development
Develop future-ready leaders and managers
Tech Enablement
Keep your organization on the cutting edge
Sales Enablement
Boost sales performance with strategic training and resources
Capability Building
Elevate your workforce with targeted skill enhancement programs
Employee Onboarding
Equip new team members with essential knowledge and tools