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Announcing our Analytics Engineering Track

September 12th, 2022
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Today, we are beyond excited to share the launch of our new and highly anticipated Analytics Engineering Track.

The proliferation of data combined with big shifts in data tooling (cloud warehouses, self-serve BI tools, and more), has led to a rapid increase in demand for people who can help companies organize, retrieve, and transform their data and drive insights. Enter a new field of Analytics Engineering. Analytics Engineers, as the name implies, sit at the intersection of analytics and engineering. By building well-tested and well-documented datasets, Analytics Engineers empower more users at the company in different functions to answer questions with data in a self-serve manner.

Analytics Engineering jobs are growing rapidly, and there is a lot of opportunity for people looking to get their foot in the door.

Image Credit from: We the Purple People, Anna Filippova, 30 Jul 2021

At CoRise, we’ve had learners from over 250 companies take Analytics Engineering with dbt, the first course in the series, and several learners have already made the leap into Analytics Engineering careers.

Analytics engineers need to know how to clean and transform raw data, use SQL, follow software engineering best practices, and visualize data to help business users make better decisions with the data they have available to them. Our track is the perfect jumping off point. Over 3 core courses, you’ll gain fluency with the essential building blocks of SQL, Python, and dbt. Each course is taught by an industry thought leader, and has engaging live sessions, dynamic hands-on projects, and a global community of peers.

Read more about the track below, and sign up here.

In addition to the Core track, we also have On-Ramp courses for those looking to develop skills in SQL and Python to prepare for the track, and additional electives to extend your learning in Data Modeling for the Modern Warehouse, Data Engineering with Dagster, and more.

The new run of Analytics Engineering with dbt starts October 3rd -- we hope you'll join us.

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