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Announcing our New Data Analyst and Data Science Career Tracks

November 9th, 2022
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Today we’re proud to announce the launch of two new career tracks to help learners prepare for roles and excel as Data Scientists and Data Analysts. Demand for data-related roles is projected to increase considerably over the next decade, and unsurprisingly, these have been some of the most requested topics by our learners. Both tracks combine industry-leading instructors, applied projects, and global communities of professionals. Read more about each track below.

Become a Data Scientist

Taught by leading practitioners, this three course sequence covers applied statistical modeling, practical tools for experimentation, and advanced methods for causal inference. Upon completion of the sequence you'll have the toolkit to grow your career as a data scientist and make an immediate impact across a wide range of industries.

Courses in this track are (click below to see more detail including projects you’ll build):

Become a Data Analyst

This track is for anyone pursuing a career in data analytics - any role in which you need to organize and analyze data to reveal insights and inform decision-making. You'll be introduced to key business analytics common across a wide range of companies, toolkits for creating rich data visualizations, and SQL, the most popular language for working with data. Dive into a data career regardless of your previous experience - no coding background is required!

Courses in this track are (click below to see more detail including projects you’ll build):

We hope to see you in class! If you’d like to purchase seats for your team just email us!

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