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Data-Informed Decision Making

This comprehensive course equips you with a structured approach to data analysis and insight generation, focusing on business impact throughout the exploration process. Learn a unique step-by-step framework to efficiently navigate through vast amounts of data and extract valuable insights and actionable recommendations. Then, learn how to build an action-driving dashboard that tracks progress towards solving business problems and surfaces bottlenecks, barriers to growth, and opportunities for scaling success.

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Josh Richman
Sr. Manager, Business Analytics

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Josh Richman

Sr. Manager, Business Analytics

Josh Richman is Sr. Manager, Business Analytics at FLASH, a leading mobility technology startup. He’s spent over a decade helping startups in multiple industries, ranging from less than 20 to over 900 employees, understand their business and drives growth through the use of analytics and data science. Having direct experience in market research, marketing, product, and data roles, Josh is able to take a business-centric, impact-driven approach to data analytics. His ultimate goal is to make people more efficient and effective at their jobs by augmenting intuition and experience with data and analytical rigor. Josh has a BS from the University of Illinois and MA from New York University, with both degrees focusing on quantitative psychological research.

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The course

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Who is it for?
  • Business decision makers (could be any level, tactical or strategic) not in a Data or Analytics role, looking to improve their ability to use data in their decision making.

  • Aspiring or early-career data professionals looking to add some structure to their day-to-day processes, increase their business impact and maximize their real and perceived value to their company

  • Basic statistical concepts (count, sum, average, ratio, etc.)

  • Comfort with basic data manipulation and chart making in Excel/Google Sheets

  • A willingness to re-evaluate how you use data today and a drive to connect data to action

  • (Required) A spreadsheet tool (e.g. Excel or Google Sheets)

  • (Optional) Experience using a BI/data visualization tool (e.g. Tableau, Looker, PowerBI, etc.)

  • Frame data deep-dives as ways to answer a bigger business problem- If it doesn’t help us take action to solve a business problem, it’s not worth doing.
  • Come up with tactical paths to answer business problems.
  • Shift role from data discoverer to actionable insights generator and recommendation engine.
  • Take on the role of a data analyst at Airbnb Austin. Deep dive into the region's data to identify a problem aligned to business goals, investigate potential causes, and develop a plan for developing solutions.
  • How to design and organize a dashboard to aid decision-making.
  • Chart types and how they’re most effectively used.
  • Alerts and scheduled reports
  • Draw (or build in Excel or your favorite BI tool) a dashboard that helps you keep tabs on the important metrics for your business goals.
  • Identify a list of useful alerts based on this dashboard, the required timeliness of the alerts, the person they should go to, and the expected action plan they should trigger

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Learner success stories
Our students love our courses.

Best online course I've taken!

Zachary KneupperSoftware Engineer at

This was by far the best training course I have attended. The way it was structured and the support available from the instructor and TAs really made the learning valuable and lasting. I am looking forward to other courses in the near future!

TJ PolakSenior Manager of Business Intelligence, Embark Veterinary

Shoutout to the course team for helping me (and others) keep pushing along to make sure we get through the finish line, even when things are hard. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the accountability and extra help!

Michael GaglianoAnalytics Engineer, Collectors Universe

I love it - just enough content and guidance that can be covered between work, kids, and life but still learn and be challenged

Mike WilliamsProgram Manager, Salesforce

Completing this course has given me the foundation and confidence needed to make the full jump from Finance to Analytics Engineering. I've always felt like I needed a "credential" to make the full leap. Having gone through the course and learning with this community has made me feel like less of an "imposter" and like I have the skills/knowledge to do this as my profession (or at least know where to go to find the answers!). Really appreciative of the entire staff, TAs, cohort, pod, etc.

Brad SilfanFinance/Data Systems, Wonder

Thanks for the awesome course! Really helped me to improve my skillset.

Aditya DeshpandeSr. Applied Scientist, Amazon

This course has been an amazing learning experience - no only because of the content of the course but also the way in which is taught! It has the perfect mix of online - individual work - community time and resources. The teaching materials are very high quality and the whole team are super attentive and responsive.

It's a great way to learn hands-on experience with dbt, get exposed to real life problems, industry experts and also networking! I highly recommend it!

Sara GasparSenior BI Analyst, Lyst

I would recommend this to anyone looking to get their feet wet in dbt that needs a structured course and accountability to learn a new tool/skill

Mer ManahanData Analyst

Absolutely stoked to share this! Over the last month I had the pleasure of learning from some of the great minds coming out of Facebook, Google, and other enterprises doing bleeding edge work in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Being part of a select cohort spanning three continents I was able to hear about initiatives and research from AI/ML professionals around the globe. NLP is a fast emerging sector that is changing the landscape of software everywhere you look. I'm so honored to be part of this experience and am taking away so many great connections and insights in a field that I really love.

Erik JakubowskiSoftware Engineer, Financial Tech

I’ve taken lots of online courses before. The track was a much better experience than any of the other courses.

Scott MillslagleData Engineer, Handshake

The Uplimit NLP course has been the most efficient way I've ever learned new skills. Having access to talented instructors and peers made the learning process both quicker and richer.

Jason EllicotData Scientist III, J.B. Hunt

I got to learn and directly interact with world class practitioners of NLP which no other course in the market offers.

Yudhiesh RavindranathData Scientist, MoneyLion

I really enjoyed the course and the community around it. I think it was a great way to not only learn about NLP, but also connect with other engineers in the field.

Julie KalliniSoftware Engineer, Facebook

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