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DevOps Track

This track will kickstart your career in DevOps, starting with an overview of DevOps practices and tools before diving deeper into containers and deployment with Kubernetes.

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Acquire the foundational skills you need to be an effective search engineer in this 6 week track, including how to integrate machine learning and natural language processing techniques into search engines.

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Machine Learning Foundations

Gain the skills you need to become an effective machine learning engineer in this 3-course track, with applied machine learning, deep learning, deployment of machine learning projects, and more.

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Data Science Academy

Led by leading practitioners, this three course sequence covers applied statistical modeling, practical tools for experimentation, and advanced methods for causal inference. Upon completion of the sequence you'll have the toolkit to grow your career as a data scientist and have an immediate impact across a wide range of industries.

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Analytics Engineering Academy

Acquire the skills required for a career in data and analytics engineering, including the foundational tools of data modeling, SQL, and dbt used to organize, transform, and retrieve information for modeling and insights.

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Data Analytics Academy

Kickstart a career as a data analyst by learning the core skills needed to get started - business foundations and customer analytics, data visualization, and SQL, the most popular language for working with data.

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