Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu
PhD at Stanford; formerly at Waymo, Microsoft

Kevin Wu, like his brother Eric, is a Ph.D. student at Stanford University. Previously, he spent time building deep learning products at a startup and has worked for Microsoft and Waymo. His current research focuses on applying AI to areas like clinical trials and genomics, as well as studying the generalizability of medical AI algorithms used in practice.

Deep Learning Essentials
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PhD at Stanford; formerly at Waymo, Microsoft
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PhD at Stanford, formerly at Google
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Eric and Kevin are exceptional at being able to distill complicated subjects into easy-to-understand insights. I usually find learning subjects online to be dry and confusing, but found their teaching style to be exciting and intuitive. I would highly recommend taking this course with them.

Dan ChernProduct Manager @ Facebook

Reasoning about the ins and outs of deep learning has been super important for my work as a machine learning engineer. Eric and Kevin really know their stuff and can explain it with contagious enthusiasm. You’ll really enjoy their course!

Joshua PhamMachine Learning Engineer @ Spotify

As a product manager at a computer-vision based start-up, I’m constantly thinking through what deep learning can (or can’t) do for my team. Eric and Kevin have been able to explain emerging research fields in digestible ways every time. Their previous experience at big tech companies like Google and Waymo also helps them speak a common “tech” language that you don’t always get with folks in academia. This course will help you in your career, whether you are working with deep learning at a high level or want to become a machine learning engineer.

Dhruv MaheshwariSenior Product Manager @ KeepTruckin, former Google PM

Kevin and Eric are passionate machine learning experts who also happen to be great storytellers. During our time at Harvard, I’ve sought them out many times for deep learning advice, and they’ve always been very helpful in explaining cutting edge concepts with ease. I would definitely recommend anyone who has an interest in deep learning to take their course!

Tommy Pan FangIncoming professor at Rice University, Harvard Business School PhD

I'm amazed by the deep learning skills I've learned in just 4 weeks. Eric and Kevin are extremely knowledgable about the theory and application of deep learning, and really know how to explain it in a way that makes sense to anyone. I felt fully supported in my learning journey and appreciated being surrounded by other motivated peers. This course is already making a huge impact in my career as I transition into a new role as a machine learning engineer. Highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to dive into deep learning!

Maggie LinSenior Software Engineer at Guru

It was a privilege to learn from Kevin and Eric! Through their lectures, assignments and one-on-one feedback, I was able to learn deep-learning concepts that were foreign to me. They truly cared for the learning and development of each student in their class. Thank you so much!

Mateo IbarguenData Scientist at

The Deep Learning Essentials course was a fantastic course for generalist software developers like me who are interested in getting their hands dirty with deep learning. The class goes from covering the basics of network training to having you fine-tune state of the art foundation models with applications in computer vision and NLP. What I loved most about the class is that it gives you the vocabulary, experience, and confidence to either collaborate more closely with ML engineers in your company or pivot into an ML role yourself.

Max AllenRisk Engineering @ Ramp

Joining the Uplimit Community was the best thing I did for my career. Uplimit showed me the right practical way towards Machine Learning. Now I am ML Research Fellow in NLP domain.

Zeina SaadeddinResearch Fellow @ Fatima Fellowship