Julie Kallini (co-instructor)
Julie Kallini (co-instructor)
PhD at Stanford

Julie Kallini is a computer science PhD student at Stanford University, advised by Chris Potts and Dan Jurafsky. She is a member of the Stanford Natural Language Processing (NLP) group, and her research broadly spans topics in NLP, machine learning interpretability, and computational linguistics. Previously, Julie was a software engineer at Meta, where she applied machine learning and content understanding techniques to privacy problems in advertisements. Before joining Meta, Julie graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University with a B.S.E. in computer science.

Applied Machine Learning
Created and Taught By
Andrew Maas - Instructor photo
Co-founder and CEO of Pointable
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Co:rise is young but already in a league of its own when compared to other online upskill/career changing courses. Courses are intimate and students are driven. It felt more like an accelerated university level course than on online certificate program in that I learned more in 4 weeks that I have with any other online course. The most unique part is that you get facetime with instructors and mentors who have proven track records in the domain they are teaching.

Scott MillslagleData Engineer at Handshake

This course gave me the boost I needed in my day job to keep up with ML topics and my ML engineer colleagues. The pace and time needed for the course fit nicely into my busy schedule while also giving me tangible skills quickly. Real-time support from the Uplimit team was a key part of my success. I highly recommend this course!

Angela FossInnovation Development Manager at Autodesk

Taking the Applied Machine Learning course has been an incredible experience. We not only learned tactical skills to approach building state-of-the-art ML models, but also learned important ideas on how to properly setup ML teams, formulate problems, and think about ethics. All of this was supplemented with fireside chats with industry ML practitioners and leaders who talked about their experiences building teams and integrating ML into their products. It's been an amazing 4 weeks. Looking forward to my next co:rise class :)

Max AllenRisk Engineering @ Ramp

I was so excited about this class, that I dropped my grad class that I was taking at the same time. One of the things that got me really excited is Andrew’s years in the field allowed him to take complicated concepts and simplify them. When Andrew talked about problem formulation, and running a smaller experiment, it was pivotal in giving me the confidence at work to propose a smaller solution, publish early, talk about our methods. Mentorship with the course team was AMAZING.

Emily EkdahlSenior Machine Learning Engineer at Palmetto

You can learn a lot in this course even if you don’t have much prior Python or ML experience as long as you are willing to put in some time on the projects

Josh MolhoDirector, Engineering - Milo at ProteinSimple

A crash course in learning the basics to get you started on building your first ML models while using state of the art techniques to further improve performance.

Matt JoyalFormer Co-Founder & CTO @ Pillar | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Techstars IoT '16

I would definitely recommend the Uplimit community as it provides a major incentive and community compared to most MOOCs - It's what you make of it, but if you're invested and put a lot in, you will get even more out

Shugmi ShumunovConsultant / Developer

Started as a novice to machine learning I get to learn so much in just 4 weeks of course. Starting from basics to training state of the art ML models. The way projects are designed is exceptional and is very helpful in learning quick. Team is helpful and very prompt in responding to any queries.

Dileep YelletiSoftware Engineer at Sequoia Capital